Now Accepting Fall Registrations!
Welcome back everyone! Paladin Taekwon-Do has officially re-opened! Thank you for all of your support during the Covid-19 crisis. We continue to ensure student safety remains our number one priority, and as such have taken all recommended health and sanitation measures to minimize risk as much as possible. We look forward to seeing you in class! 

Classes are held at Cornerstone Hall, 6 Tache Street, St. Albert AB every Tuesday and Thursday evenings. 

There is a class available for all age groups and opportunities for families to train together. 

Regular Classes from Sept-June include extra training days and times:

Times: Mondays Times: Thursdays
6:15-7:15pm White & Yellow, Green under 12y 6:15-7:15pm White&Yellow, Green under 12y
7:15-8:15pm Green 12&up, Blue, Red 7:15-8:15pm Green 12&up, Blue, Red
8:15-9:15pm Red & Black 8:15-9:15pm Red & Black






Little Ninja's 

The Little Ninja Program offered by Paladin Taekwon-Do is designed for children ages 5-8 (4 year old children MAY be accepted into this program). Paladin Taekwon-Do head instructor, Master Phil Mageau, has close to 30 years of Martial Arts experience and for many of those years he was responsible for teaching some of the youngest students, over the years he discovered that as long as you keep them busy and having fun, you can teach them anything!

At this age discipline and respect are the two fundamental attributes that are instilled into the students. Combined with the 5 Tenets of Taekwon-Do; Courtesty, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit, students will learn basic Taekwon-Do techniques and have fun the whole time!

Classes are 45 minutes in length and held once a week. All classes involve many physical and mental training elements. Each class has a maximum of 20 students, and multiple instructors. 

Regular Program

The regular program is for students aged 9 and up. Classes are divided by skill level, not by age, this allows Parents and children to train together in the same class. All regular program classes are one hour in length which includes a warm-up, stretching, regular technical training and exercises. Specialty classes held on Mondays are supplemental training towards meeting specific goals such as; self-defense, step-sparring, sparring, fitness, board breaking, patterns, testing knowledge requirements, and more. Weekly Specialty class themes are at the instructors discretion based on the needs of the group. 

Special Classes

Paladin Taekwon-Do offers Specialty Classes customized to the individual needs of groups. These have included school phys-ed programs, women's only, self-defense, and more. Call now to see how our Paladin team can support your group in your physical fitness quest and Martial Arts journey. 




Welcome Back!

The new fall schedule is Mondays & Thursdays:

6:15-7:15 White & Yellow or green under 12y

7:15-8:15 Blue & Red, & Green 12+

8:15-9:15 Red & Black

For public safety and to maintain social distancing recommendations, Little Ninjas will remain paused for the time being. 

To expedite the registration process please print and fill out the Registration Form in advance and bring it with you to the club or on your first day of class.