Taekwon-Do News December 2019


Congratulations to everyone that competed at the Tournament! It was an awesome event! There were over 130 competitors, the biggest one yet! A huge thank you to the volunteers, and black belt judges and referees. Great Job everyone, thank you for your support!!

Christmas Party

Wow, what a party!! Great food, great people, and some fun and surprises for everyone! A special congrats to Grace Forbes on winning the 55” 4K TV, it wasn’t supposed to be that easy to win!! Thank you to everyone that attended, and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!

Class Cancellations

Paladin will have its Christmas break starting Friday, December 20th until Sunday, January 5th. During this time all classes are cancelled. The first class back in the New Year will be held on Monday, January 6th. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Class Schedule

Starting on January 6th, 2020, the class schedule will be as follows. Monday 6:15-715, white and yellow belts. 7:15-8:15, green and blue belts, 8:15-9:15 red and black belts. Mondays will now be considered to be technical classes. Patterns and rank specific techniques will be the main focus. Students can double shift classes, meaning a green belt can attend from 6:15-8:15. Essentially as long as your rank is higher than the class required you can attend.

Testing Dates

Color Belt Testing, late January / early February.

Little Ninjas will test on Dec 17th and Dec 19th based on their class.

ITF Fees

Every year students of Paladin Taekwon-Do are required to pay their ITF membership fee. The color belt fee is 20$ and for black belts it is 50$. The ITF membership fee is due before the end of February.


If possible students, or parents, should become friends with Paladin on Facebook. It is the easiest way to put out quick notifications on class changes, or upcoming event reminders etc. Or check the website often. Ms. Burns does a fantastic job keeping it up to date.



Hello Everyone,

I hope all of you are doing well, happy and healthy!!

Obviously classes will not be resuming in the middle of February. I was really hoping things would have improved more and we could fire back up again, but I guess we have to wait a little longer. The vaccine is rolling out (slowly) and cases numbers and hospital numbers are dropping.

We just have to wait a little longer.

I wish all of you the best and I hope to see you all soon!!


Master Phil Mageau