Taekwon-Do News November, 2021

Winter is Coming! Since we are into November snow is probably going to arrive soon. Just a reminder to everyone that you can bring your uniform to class and change in the washrooms. If you choose to wear your uniform to class please be careful entering and exciting vehicles as that is when your chance of getting it dirty is highest. Also when removing footwear please use the shelves and try to keep the entrance area clear.

Covid-19 Update

Covid 19 numbers in the province are continuing to drop and that is great news. We still need to be careful moving forward so remember to wear a mask before and after class. Spectators please wear a mask. Use the hand sanitizer that is provided. And proof of full vaccination will continue to be required for anyone 12 and older entering the facility.

Edmonton Oilers

Master Mageau should have some news regarding the Edmonton Oilers game night for Paladin soon. In case you have not heard about this, we were contacted by the Oilers to see if Paladin would like to attend a game for a discounted price. A group rate essentially. The discount is awesome, but depending on how many people attend there are some crazy and fantastic perks involved. For example, how would you like to take a shot on net from center ice? This is open to everyone associated with Paladin. Students, parents, siblings, friends!! Should be a lot of fun!!

Upcoming Testing

No testing date has been set yet, so keep training and we shall see what happens.

Encyclopedia and Gear

Just a reminder that paddles, shields, re-breakable boards, and all other training tools and items can be purchased through Paladin. Talk to Master Mageau for more info.


 As per AHS guidelines all members of the public over the age of 12 MUST before entering the facility:

1. Produce proof of vaccination OR

2. Produce proof of a rapid test within 72hrs OR

3. Produce documented medical exemption 

We ask that you wear a mask at all times unless medically exempt or participating directly in the physical activity of the class, and that household spectators please sit together with 2m distances from other households. 

In addition we provide hand sanitizer for you upon entry and encourage the use of it along with frequent hand washing. 

Thank you for your cooperation, as the pandemic turns endemic the future is uncertain, and we respect the various personal points of view on the matter at the end of the day we are still bound by both law and moral obligation to attempt to reduce the spread as much as possible. We appreciate your understanding, patience, and cooperation.