Taekwon-Do News November, 2020


Due to the rising Covid-19 numbers in Alberta we have decided to implement some new protocols in an effort to ensure the safety of our students. Moving forward everyone is encouraged to continue to use the sanitizer before and after class. All spectators must wear a mask. And all students will now have to wear a mask until they have joined their class and are actively training. Once their class is over they will need to put a mask back on. And most importantly if you are not feeling well, stay home!!

Class Schedule

There are no upcoming changes or cancelations to the current class schedule, except for Testing on Thursday, November 19th. All other dates and times are still the same.

Little Ninjas

It is truly unfortunate that we are not running Little Ninjas classes. Hopefully this will change in the New Year. The plan is to start running classes in January of 2021. Could any people considering to start in the New Year please contact Master Mageau and inform him of you opinion on these 3 topics. 1) Which day is best for you? Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. 2) With the current schedule Little Ninjas would have to start at 5:30, is that too early? Would 5:45 be better? Is 5:15 way too early? 3) If the class time was decreased to 30 minutes, is that still acceptable for a membership rate of $45 a month? Any feedback would be appreciated!


Testing will be held on Thursday, November 19th starting at 6:15 pm. Students that are ready to test will be informed soon.

Encyclopedia and Gear 

If anyone is interested in purchasing a paddle, shield, sparring gear, a new uniform or encyclopedia, let Master Mageau know. These items can be purchased at any time!


Due to Covid the Alberta Government has just announced that all sports groups must close for the next 2 weeks effective November 13th, everyone will be credited with a half month of dues which will be applied to December.